10 Tips to Lower Utility Bills


Many people pay a high cost in utility bills month after month. This has caused the people frustrations especially for those who think that they were paying more than what they get. But you can have lower utility bills with some useful tips listed here:


1. Unplug appliances before sleeping.

If you have appliances that you will not be using for the rest of the night, like your television set, stereo, DVD player, oven and other electrical devices, do not just turn them off. Unplug them. It is estimated that this could save you up to 10 percent on your electric bill because these devices continue to draw power even if turned off but not unplug.


2. Set your water temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another way to lower utility bills is to set your water heater not too hot, at most you can set it at 120 degrees. Setting it higher will not only cause scalding but also add around $50 dollar to your utility bill annually.


3. Use a programmable thermostat.

Save on cooling and heating cost by using a programmable thermostat. This device enables you to automatically adjust the temperature to a cost-efficient mode whenever house occupants are out or are sleeping. Having a thermostat in itself will not let you save money; it is on how you program it.


4. Clean your air conditioning and furnace filters regularly.

Poor maintenance of your filters may cause you to waste money on electricity. As the filters get dirty and clogged, they become less efficient, requiring more energy to run your HVAC system.


5. Use appliances that are energy efficient.

Newer models of appliances are more cost efficient than 10-year-old models or older. It would therefore be wise to invest in these energy-efficient appliances. Although they may be costly to acquire, they can give you great savings in the long run. Also, many states offer financial incentives to those who upgrade to energy-efficient models.


6. Use energy-star products.

Aside from using energy-efficient appliances, another way to lower your utility bills is to use energy-star products. They include CCFL or LED bulbs and other products that are more cost-efficient to use.


7. Use a pail or hose when watering plants instead of a sprinkler.

Sprinklers are not very efficient in watering many areas in your garden or yard. So instead of using automatic sprinklers, just use a garden hose or pail so that you could easily control where the water should go. They are especially beneficial for your plants.


8. Use a low-flow showerhead and a shower timer.

A low-flow water head lets you avoid a continuous flow of water more than what you need. With a steady and low-flow water head, you will get just the right amount of water. Also, if you have a shower timer, it will remind you of how long you have been in the shower. Do not shower too long or you will just be wasting precious water.


9. Use a pail and a sponge when washing your car.

Using a pail and a sponge will not only let you clean your car thoroughly but it will also help you save much on water consumption.


10. Invest in a clothesline.

If the weather permits, dry your clothes out under the sun. Doing so can make you save on electricity while making your clothes last longer.


These tips are just some of the most practical and easy ways to have a lower utility bills. Try any of them and let us know how much you have saved on cost as a result.