Crazy Cleaning Tips – Cleaning with Vodka

Now here’s a bunch of cleaning tips that should really grab your attention – cleaning with vodka! “Vodka??” You might ask. “Is she nuts?” Well…that’s still up for debate, but on the topic of cleaning with vodka, I’m absolutely serious.I’ve collected some of my favorite vodka cleaning tips for you, all right here. And remember: you certainly don’t need a beautiful, expensive bottle of vodka for cleaning purposes. Just the cheapest old variety will do a fantastic job.

  1. Cleaning pet stains – of which I’ve encountered many! Vodka is great at lifting even tough stains. Since vodka is colorless and odorless, it won’t add any additional staining to your carpet. I would be tempted to try a few tablespoons in my little carpet spot cleaner the next time the cats have a stomach upset…I’ll post the results.
  2. Jewelry cleaner – Get those rocks sparkling again! Just let them soak in a tiny dish, swishing the jewelry around a bit to loosen gunk and grime that’s had time to collect over the years. This is a tip I’m going to utilize this week – my old diamond solitaire is looking pretty UN-sparkly and needs a good clean.
  3. Cleaning leather – “I also used straight vodka to clean white paint off my son’s black leather jacket. Worked great.”
  4. Cleaning chandeliers – Now I don’t have a chandelier myself, but I can only imagine the agony it must be to clean one! So I found this tip using vodka for all of you who DO have chandeliers to clean: “Vodka is also an excellent cleaner for chandeliers. Just mix one part of vodka with five parts of water and spray it on your chandelier. Let the excess drip onto a towel on the floor below.”
  5. Cleaning clothing stains – Use it full strength to muscle away stubborn stains on clothing, including grass stains or food stains.