Five Areas to Clean At the Start of the Year


It always feels good to have a fresh start as the new calendar year begins. And it is about the time of the year ideal for some serious cleaning not just in your house in general but also in many other areas. We have listed here five important areas that need cleaning:


1. Closet

Do you know that about 80 percent of the things in your closet are just there without you wearing or even noticing them? This is true for many people. And if you are one of them, get a good head start by organizing your closet. Bring out those things that you rarely wear or don’t wear at all. Other people might find good use for them. You could either donate them to charitable institutions or put them on a garage sale. Doing so also allows you to discover those nice dresses you rarely wear because they were hidden at the bottom of the pile.


Furthermore, there are many self-help tips online that can help you in organizing your closet properly.


2. Computer Files

Just because you have a big hard drive or storage memory space is not a good reason for keeping files that you don’t really need. They could be draft files of some documents or files that have been duplicated several times in your computer. You know your files very well and know which ones deserve a place in your memory drive, and which ones just occupy space and should be deleted. Cleaning and organizing your computer files will not only save you precious storage memory but it will also enable you to know what is in your computer.


Additionally, you could also include uninstalling programs or software plug-ins in your computer which you don’t really need or rarely use.


3. Email Inboxes

Email inboxes can easily be flooded with unsolicited emails even if you have anti-spam software. If you have hundreds of them which are left unopened and undeleted in your inbox, it is about time that you decide what to do with them so that only important emails will be left in your inbox or moved to labeled folders.


4. Toys Cabinet

If you have children at home, it is easy to buy and hoard toys that children could play. Your toy bins may still contain baby toys that your children don’t need anymore. Also, children tend to play with their newest toys while their old toys are just collecting dust in the bins. Reduce the clutter in your home by donating some of their old toys. You could ask the help of your children to identify which toys to donate. That way, they will also learn the value of giving.


5. Pantry and Refrigerator

Your pantry and refrigerator are another area that needs serious cleaning at the start of the year. Remove all the contents of your pantry and refrigerator. Throw away items that are already past their expiration or are already unsuitable for eating. Check for insect infestations or molds in your pantry. Thoroughly clean your refrigerator using baking soda to remove odor.


These five areas are not the only areas in your house that need cleaning. At the start of the year, it is best to have a list of things or places in your home that deserve deep cleaning as the New Year starts. You could start cleaning them a week or two after the beginning of January.