Homemade Dusting Spray


Recipe #1

1 Tbsp natural dish soap
15 drops lemon essential oil
2 Cups water
Pour ingredients into a spray bottle and shake gently to combine. Either spray onto surface and wipe clean with a cloth, or spray it directly on the cloth and then wipe down the surface.
Recipe #2

1/4 cup olive oil
2 Tbsp lemon juice
Combine ingredients in a small spray bottle. Shake before using to make sure the mixture is combine well. Spray onto a cloth and wipe down the surface, don’t spray directly onto your furniture.
The Results

Recipe #1: This cleaning solution worked the best for me. It seemed to clean the dust away the best, and left a slight shine behind, without being greasy or streaky. It smelled lovely, and very similar to how I remember Pledge smelling. I did use Lemongrass & Clemintine Zest scented dishsoap, so I’m sure that added to the smell a bit too.
Recipe #2: The second recipe was very strange to me. It seemed thick, and didn’t spray very well. The combination of the olive oil and lemon juice was a very odd smell, not something I would really want to use around my home.
It was very greasy/oily, obviously, and left streak marks behind on my coffee table. It did leave a little bit of a nice shine on my Willow Tree figurines, but it left greasy marks on one of my picture frames. I felt like I had to go back through and re-clean with the first recipe spray to remove the greasy streaks that this second recipe left.
Also, because the second recipe uses food ingredients, it can go rancid. It should be stored in the fridge and used within a week or two, and I just don’t like cleaning products that require that kind of thought and effort.