One Minute Cleaning Tips


Cleaning is considered an exhausting and daunting task by many people. The house can easily get dirty and disorganized while cleaning and organizing can take hours to finish. But cleaning your entire house does not have to be done all at one time. Cleaning does not even have to take hours. Here are one minute cleaning tips to keep your house clean and orderly in no time:


1. Clean as you go.

Don’t allow your house to go into disarray. As you walk in your room, in the living room, or anywhere in your house, pick up any piece of paper, toys, magazines, or other things that should not be on the floor. Picking up something on the floor will not take you a minute to do, but it could greatly save you time because you will not have to walk through all the rooms in your house just to pick things up.


2. Return things to their proper places after using.

After reading a magazine or newspaper, return it to its proper place instead of leaving it on the chair or on top of a table. Tell children also the same after playing with their toys. Doing so can save you hours of organizing and arranging.


3. Wipe spills immediately.

Spills are easier to clean when still wet. Once they dry or set in your carpet or rug, stains can be harder to remove. Always have a handy floor cleaner and cloth to wipe spills on the floor. If you have spills on your carpet or rug, apply an appropriate stain cleaner immediately. Baking soda paste makes a good all-around stain cleaner which can remove various types of stains.


4. Take advantage of house cleaners.

Although house cleaners are generally available in the supermarket, it would be good to prepare your own cleaners. There are many easy recipes online on how to make different types of cleaners for faster and easier cleaning.


5. Clean one room at a time.

Don’t wait till the end of the week or month before you clean your entire house. Schedule to clean one room at a time.


6. Place storage baskets and bins in strategic areas.

Put toy storage baskets in your kid’s room or in the family room as well as storage bins in the living room and other places in your house where you can keep things and make them accessible to your family.


7. Wash dishes while cooking.

While waiting for the food to cook, wash the dishes and utensils you use for food preparation. Clean tabletops as well. That way, you have lesser amount of dishes to wash after meals.


8. Always have cleaning cloth handy.

Keep a clean cloth for wiping spills and dust ready anytime you need them.


9. Encourage cleanliness and orderliness among family members.

Encourage your family to take part in keeping your home clean and organized by observing simple routines such as returning things to their proper places or picking up clutters on the floor.


10. Let everyone help out.

Keeping your house clean should involve the entire family. Ask everyone to help out in cleaning.


With the simple tips mentioned above, cleaning can become faster and easier.